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Chat system

Let's start sending holidays, news, notices, events, fees dues reminder on chat


Uses of a Chat system

Let's find out how chat system can help your school?

  • 1  You can do one to one private chat with a teacher or a parent
  • 2  You can do group chat - group chat with all Teachers or a Class
  • 3  School Administrator, Principal, Class teacher, all subject teachers will be the part of a group chat
  • 4  You can chat in your own language. Install your language keyboard in phone and change keyboard to chat with local language
  • 5  Build relationship with parents and staffs
  • 6  Improve efficiency of conversation
  • 7  Save time of school

Features of Chat system

Trust me, This will help your school a lot.

  • 1  Private chat with a parent
  • 2  Private chat with a teacher
  • 3  Group chat with teachers
  • 4  Group chat with a class
  • 5  Send News to a class
  • 6  Send Notice to a class
  • 7  Send Event invitation to a class
  • 8  Send Fees dues reminder.
  • 9  Manage parents feedback
  • 10  Send Task/ meeting calls to staffs
  • 11  Send emergency calls to parents
  • 12  Send Feedback to a parent
  • 13  This will be ultimate place for your all conversation
  • 14  Many big features are in chat. join us to explore and start using it.

Training and customer support

We will help you to start using CHAT system in your school. We will train your school staffs

  • 1  24 * 7 training videos
  • 2  You can email /chat our support staffs.
  • 3  We will backup your chat content everyday. There will be no loss of data
  • 4  You can generate a support ticket whenever you need any help.
  • 5  After training, you will be able to chat with your students, parents, staffs without our support

I explained you all :)

Now its time for you :) to start using CHAT. It's FREE.


Video Tutorial

Chat tutorial


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