Benefits and Features

Logins Provided 


Unified for multiple schools, Principal & Directors

School Staffs- Class teacher and subject teacher

School Admins  - Librarian, Admin,Receptionist...  

Parents, Alumni  

Third party Integrations


Online payment gateways

Biometric machines, GPS,Tally, RFID e.t.c


School Website, Online Admissions, TC, Alumni  

Modules and features

Core Modules


MIS Analytical graphical report of students

Manage Students

Search students

Class summary

Generate TC

Active / In-Active students

Upgrade students

Change Academics of students

Student ID cards

All certificates - Fees, Character, Pass, Events ….

Admit cards

Bulk Change Class, section, update

Student timeline


MIS Analytical graphical  report of staffs

Manage staffs

Maintains experience and qualifications details of teachers

Set staff's role

Send login details


Manage Class

Assign Roll No

Assign Subject teachers

Assign class teachers and class monitors

Financial Modules


MIS Fees analytical Graphical report:  
MIS report will give you a complete snapshot of current Fees status


  • Fee Installments
  • Fees category and Types
  • Special Fees types
  • Assign / Remove special fees
  • Manage Bank accounts
  • Fees structures
  • Students Fees structure


  • Manage cheque
  • Fees PDC
  • Bounced cheque
  • Cheque reports

Take Fees of students


  • Manage Discount templates
  • Set discounts
  • Reports


  • Refund fees
  • Refund reports
  • Adjust fees
  • Adjust report
  • Nullify fees
  • Nullify reports


  • Create voucher
  • Voucher list

Import fees

  • Import fees in case of offline bank processes
  • History of import

Fees Reports

Online fees payment through phone app and website links

Registration and Admissions

MIS Admissions analytical Graphical report

This Graphical report will explain you all about Registration and Admissions on one screen

Registration process

  • Set minimum age
  • Set maximum age
  • Set dates
  • Set fees

Take new Registration

Manage Registrations

Manage Admissions Exams

  • Set exam dates
  • Set selected and Not selected
  • Exam summary

Send Messages for admissions


Assign classes

Admissions and Registrations Reports

Set registration link on school website



  • Manage Area
  • Manage vehicles
  • Manage vehicles staffs

Route Management

Transport allocation & Bulk allocation

Track Bus with Installed GPS

Reports and Settings

  • We support transport operations with multiple reports
  • Integrated with students fees
  • Can be allocated at the time of admission
  • Integrated with salary of staffs


This module has 4 sub modules - Stock management, Assets management, School transactions and Inventory  

Stock Management


  • Create Accounts groups
  • Create Voucher types
  • Manage ledgers
  • Search ledgers
  • Make all students as a ledger

Inventory Allocation

Assets Allocation

  • Allocate assets to a location
  • Get allocation reports

Schools Transactions



  1. Create payment months
  2. Set earnings
  3. Set deductions
  4. Create pay scale for staffs
  5. Set earnings and deductions for staffs
  6. Set increment for staffs
  7. Process salary of staffs
  8. Print salary reports
  9. Reports

Communication with parents  

News and Notices

  • Manage news and notices
  • Publish to parents
  • Publish on school website
  • Publish on social sites


  • Manages school events
  • Upload gallery for events
  • Publish on social sites
  • Manages event expenses

Birthday wishes

Send birthday wishes to students

Bulk message

  • Send Text sms to parents and staffs
  • Track history of SMS
  • Send ERP login credentials to parents  
  • Send Phone APP login credentials to parents


This is our amazing feature. It helps school to connect with parents instantly

Chat in local languages - Hindi, Bengali, Tamil

Chat with a class

Chat with staffs

Start a private chat with a parent

School Calendar

Share school calendar with parents, staffs


Lesson plan

Create lesson plan for classes


Manage syllabus for classes

Course planning

Manage course planning for classes


  • Manage classwork for students
  • Staffs can publish classwork with Phone App


  • Manage homework for students
  • Staffs can publish homework with Phone App

Important Question papers

Manage important questions papers

Online Exams

School can take online exams

Prepare questions papers

Staffs can set question paper for exams

Concept maps and more more other modules

Build your own concept maps for students and enrich school digital knowledge base

Generate report cards

Report cards

This Module will help school to generate report cards in a single click. School needs to configure all exams, enter marks and set other required items. On completion of settings and marks entry, report card will be generated and shared with parents.


  • Manage subjects, Grading, Exams, Remarks  
  • Class subjects, Student subjects, Exam roaster, Exams remarks, Exam Attendance, Dates, Freeze marks

Enter marks

  • Enter marks
  • Bulk marks entry
  • Staffs can enter marks through phone app
  • Staffs can enter exam attendance, remarks through phone app


Graphical representation of exam report


Class Wise reports and many other reports

We support more than 30 report cards templates

School Administration


Staffs can take attendance through phone app and web both. It's easy and friendly.

Students Attendance

  • Take Attendance
  • Attendance daily class summary
  • Register view
  • Set working and Bonus days
  • Reports of attendance

Staffs Attendance

  • Take Attendance
  • Integration with Biometric devices
  • Reports



  • Create shifts
  • Create school periods
  • Create class periods

Create time table

Today’s allotment

Leave Management


  • Leave Types
  • Leave allocation
  • Leave approvers

Request leave

Manage Leave requests

Adjust leave

Phone app

  • Staffs can request leave from APP
  • Approvers can approve/ reject leave from APP




  • Manage Shelf levels
  • Manage book categories
  • Manage vendors

Purchase Books

Purchase history

Search books

Issue / Return books

Maintain E-books


Hostel Management

Manage Room types

Allocation / Deallocation

  • Allocate hostel rooms
  • Deallocate hostel rooms

Request Hostel


HR management

Job postings will be integrated with school website and a 3rd party website

  • Post  a Job
  • Job postings  
  • Manage candidates
  • Integrate job postings with school website
  • Integrate job postings with 3rd party websites
  • Apply for job - Integration on school website

School Teams / Committees

Manage teams of school

Ex- Child safety committee, Sports, Cultural ….

Manage members of teams

Team reports

Permission to users  

This module will help school to manage permissions for users

  • Assign roles and responsibilities to school staffs
  • Manage permission set for a user

Enquiry management

This module will help you to manage all enquiries and its activities in one place.

  • Manage general enquiry
  • Manage admission enquiry
  • Manage gate pass
  • Add a enquiry
  • Activity reports for enquiries

Download /

Manage your data

This module will help school to OWN the data and keep their own backup

  • Download data of students
  • Download data of parents
  • Download data of staffs
  • Siblings reports
  • Guardian reports
  • Download TC
  • Audit reports


This module will help school to connect with pass out students

Manage alumni of school

Alumni logins

Alumni reports

Integrate alumni portal with ERP

Alumni portal

  • Register
  • Find batchmates
  • Event
  • News
  • Contact us
  • Payments

Document Management system

This module will help school to manage all documents in one place

Manage school documents

Manage staffs documents

School settings

Manage school level settings and basic configuration of ERP from a single point

  • Manage all settings
  • Manage SMS settings
  • Manage Email settings
  • Manage Academic years
  • Export old academic data to a new academic year

Manage School website

Integrate school website with ERP

Complimentary FREE


Included with ERP

Volunteer programs engagement software

  1. Manage volunteers
  2. Manage Volunteering tasks
  3. Share Volunteer activities
  4. Plan Volunteer activities

Event sponsorship software

  1. Manage school events
  2. Share school events with sponsors
  3. Generate revenue for school

Listing on

  1. List your school
  2. Share job postings, events, news and notices
  3. Get admissions leads  
  4. Improve school online presence

 STEM computer programing classes camps

  1. Manage camps
  2. Get School wall decoration
  3. Get tablet and Phone
  4. Manage classes
  5. Generate revenues


1. School Management software

200+ Features; Customized Report cards, certificates, ID cards and many more

Flow Diagram

2. Chat system for your school


  1. Chat in your own language
  2. Build relationship with parents and staffs
  3. Improve efficiency of conversation
  4. Save time of school

Flow Diagram

3. School Website


  1. High end,  Easy, Fun, Responsive, Self managed website
  2. Improve online presence of school.
  3. Generate school admissions leads
  4. Build school brand in your city

Flow Diagram

4. Phone App for All

Benefits to parents  

Parents will see student’s attendance, marks, assigned classwork and homework, allocated hostel, allocated transport, Fee dues, Messages, school details, students details, assigned homework, classwork, exam dates, time table and many more

Benefits to teachers

5. Online Presence and Social Branding


Improve Google Search results, Manage Blogs, Testimonials, Social site ...  

6. Admissions lead generator


Free subscription of

Flow Diagram

7. Academic training for Teachers

Benefits:  Empowering your teachers

Flow Diagram

8. Integrated software


It’s integrated with Bulk SMS, GPS, Biometric machines, RFID, Tally, Payment gateway systems, PayTM, barcode scanner
Flow Diagram