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We provide our services to Aditya Birla Schools and many such brands.

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Online Exams, CHAT, Social widgets, Question bank, Class concepts, TV board

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Built for creative schools. Made for high performance.

1.Great Support

CHAT, Skype, Phone, Email, Ticket, Training Videos


You can download your data anytime. Data is owned by school

3.Security and Privacy

Multiple data backups, Encrypted secure data, HTTPS e.t.c

4.Implementation plan

Training to admins, subjects/class teachers, parents

5.Permissions based Logins

Management, Admins, Subject / Class teachers, Alumni

6.ERP for all

School Administration, HR management, Online presence and branding of school, Kids Safety, Academics

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School Administration

  1. 1Students, Parents, Teachers, Classes, Timetable, Fees, Registration and Admissions, Leave, Salary, Inventory, Enquiry, Hostel, Library, School calander, Attendance of staffs and students, Team, Transport, Events, News, Notices, Messages, Notices and many features

  2. All features

Safety of kids in school

  1. 1 ID cards for staffs, students and parents

  2. 2 Guidelines for staffs, parents and students

  3. 3Gate Pass

  4. 4 Child Protection committee

  5. 5Chat system for Transport routes

  6. 6 Manage details of non teaching staffs

  7. 7 Kids Safety posters

  8. 8 Kids saftey programs

  9. 9 School Emergency numbers

Human Resource Management

  1. 1 Manage jobs and candidates

  2. 2 Post jobs online on partner and social sites

  3. 3 Manage Code of conduct

  4. 4 Manage Staffs

  5. 5 School teams

  6. 6 Emergency Numbers

  7. 7 Message communication with staffs

  8. 8 School events

  9. 8 All documents- Experience, Termination, Offer, participation, PTM letters e.t.c

Data center

  1. 1 Data Download

  2. 2 Document Management System

  3. 3 ERP Usage / Audit report

  4. 4 Permissions of users

  5. 5 Archieves of TC, Report cards, Registration forms e.t.c

School Online presence and Branding

  1. 1 Integrate School website

  2. 2 Manage testimonial of parents

  3. 3 Write blogs of your school

  4. 4 Social sites integration

  5. 5 Improve Google search results

  6. 6 Get Branded phone app

  7. 7Manage Gallery of school

  8. 8Volunteer programs and STEM programs


  1. 1 Report cards, Result Analytics, Online exams, Important Question papers, Class concept, Concept maps,Class work, Homework e.t.c

Parents teacher meeting

  1. 1 PTM posters and banners

    2 PTM Invitation letters

    3 PTM Events

    4 PTM BULK message communication

    5 PTM RSVP Sheets





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