5 Steps To Automate Student Fees To Increase Collection And Recovery

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Build friendly and healthy relationships with parents

  1. A good relationship with parents will help you to recover fees on a regular basis
  2. Communicate school news, notice and other important items with parents on a regular basis
  3. Schedule Parents teacher meeting on a regular basis


Share academic plan and progress of students with parents

We teachers put lots of hard-work in teaching but we fail to communicate our hard work with parents.
  1. Communicate academic lesson plan of students with parents
  2. Communicate homework, classwork and other academic items with parents

Give value to parents

It is very important to give value to our parents. Ask feedback of parents about school Administration, academic and skill development of students


Automate fees collection process as much as you can.

We need to automate fees collection as much as you can. This will help school to save time and collect fees on time


Take feedback of parents for unpaid fees. Try to understand their problems through manual survey forms

This is optional but will help you to understand their financial cycle and will help to recover fees next year easily.

Fees collection tools in a School Management Software
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