Buying Guide for a school Management Software

  1. Watch 4 minutes School software Buying Guide Video


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  3. Find Right Solutions for Your school

    1. Review ratings of Phone App on android play-store. Read its last 10 reviews of users Open Store

    2. Check count of Phone App downloads on android play-store, It should be more than at-least 50,000+ downloads.

    3. Check clients of company. Try to find its big brand schools. Check us

    4. Ask company about training video tutorials. Find

    5. Ask about training and support process of company See video

    6. Ask software Implementation process of company. Watch video

    7. Ask testimonials of company. Try to find how on line registration and other items work?

    8. Ask for a Trial period

    9. Ask future plan of company

    10. Compare the demo process of your selected companies