Proposal - Scientific Study & Your Institute

  1. Why Scientific Study?


  2. What will we provide to students?


  3. Academic excellence - Online Teaching & Learning Platform


  4. Customer Support


  5. Data, Privacy and Security, Training

    1. DATA - We take multiple backup of data on multiple servers to avoid any future problems.

    2. SECURITY - Encrypted private data, Restricted servers, India Based server, HTTPS, Silent Secure Login

    3. TRAINING - We will appoint a support for you.

    4. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN - We have sent details to your email ID.
      Check video here

  6. Our commitment

    Dear School,
    We are looking for a long term stable and Calm relationship with you. We believe in value and we will work sincerely for this.

    Thanks & Regards - Prashant

    # Vertical Action / Goal
    1 Data Import We will import data of staff, class and students
    2 Online Fees setup We will setup online fees for you.
    3 Management customized reports Yes, We will provide management information reports
    4 Unified login We have groups like - MS education which has 70+ branches, Nageen group, Modi Group
    We will provide you an unified system for all branches
    5 HelpDesk 1. We have an automated system for parents, students, staff and admin.
    2. We will provide support through your website, our website & phone app
    3. We will appoint 1 dedicated resource for you.
    6 Data backup We have multiple backups
    7 Customizations 1. TC
    2. ID cards
    3. Admit card, Merit certificate, Fees, Character annd other
    4. School Website
    5. Student intervention as requested by Mr. kapoor
  7. Commercials

    # Item Cost
    1 School Website Extra cost
    2 Setup Fees FREE for now
    3 Complete ERP Please check price with your salesperson
    4 Online Fees Set-UP FREE- Included
    5 SMS As per market price