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    # Vertical/Goal Benefits
    1 Phone APP Get Phone app for all staff, parents and admin
    2 Manage your organization Manage profile of your organization
    3 Class/Groups Create class
    Assign roll Number
    Class Monitor
    Manage subjects
    Assign teacher Subject
    4 Student Search student
    Class summary
    Manage Active/ Inactive
    Upgrade Student
    Bulk Update
    change class
    change status
    5 Staff Manage staff
    Add a new staff
    Complete staff profile
    6 Learning Management system Manage learning content of your school (Articles, videos, documents)
    7 Live Class room screen One Window for teachers to teach class
    One Window for students to take class
    8 Class collaboration Share class annoucement
    class messages
    class room
    onine exam
    9 Online Exam Revision Exam
    Practice Exam
    Exam analysis
    10 Lesson Plan Create lesson plan
    11 Assignments Assign homework to all students
    12 Integration with ZOOM / Google Meet Share your screen
    Share photos
    share Whiteboard
    100% support in online class implementation
    13 Attendance Take attendance of class
    14 Chat Communicate online class link with parents and students through chat module
    15 Broadcast message Broadcast message on app
    Send notifications to all
    16 News Share school news on phone app with all
    17 Notice Share school notice with all staff, parent and student
    18 Event Create a school event
    manage event
    share with all
    19 Holidays Manage holiday policy of your school, Share with all
    20 Bulk SMS Send bulk SMS to all parents
    SMS sent history, Reports of undelivered message
    21 Google photos Link google photos with our software
    22 youtube Link youtube with our software
    23 Reports Get all reports regarding class, students, exam
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