Online Registration

Dear Guardians,

To download, click "Download Admission Form". This filled up form along with the attachments has to be physically submitted to St.Stephen's School, Birati Branch Office along with Rs.400/-

You may submit form and pay online by filling up the Online Registration Form.



We have gone through and understood the terms and conditions of admission into class as published in the admission notice and we hereby declare that all statements made in this application and all attached documents are true, complete and correct in all respects. We understand that in the event of any information being found false,incorrect or incomplete at any stage, the candidature of our ward, for admission in St. Stephen's School, is liable to be cancelled by the Management of the School. We declare that our ward is medically fit in all respects and that in the event of him/her becoming medically unfit, we shall immediately inform the School authorities.
We shall not hold the School authorities responsible should anything happen to our ward as a result of his/her medical condition. We hereby agree that should our ward be admitted into this School, we have no objection to Christian religious instructions being imparted to him/her and also agree to send our ward to School or elsewhere on School related assignments even on non-school days, if his/her participation is considered mandatory by the School authorities. We further agree to pay the prescribed fees timely and to abide by all Rules and Regulations of the School as framed/amended by the Management.