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Solving problems for long term to empower schools

Problems of school Owners

  1. Improve online presence on Google   Learn How?
  2. Build Brand & Marketing through social media   Learn How?
  3. Frequent parenting articles to build relationship
  4. Fix problems of content forever by creating Re-usable content- Questions, Quiz, homework, Classwork e.t.c
  5. Fix trust between school and parents
  6. Fix gap of school and modern academic need of students by Practice, Revision e.t.c
  7. Bring Innovations in school. Get Teachers Training for academics improvement. Do Assesement of school

Problems of teachers

  1. We will improve teaching Quality   Learn How?
  2. Save Time of teachers by creating Re-usauble Homework, Classwork, Lesson plan, Questions, Quiz e.t.c
  3. Save 1000+ hours by automated homework check

Problems of students

  1. Unlimited Revision and Practice in APP only, no need to go to BYJU and other apps
  2. Self Improvement through Points system
  3. Master classes on Drawing, Sports, cmputer e.t.c

Problems of Parents

  1. Fix the problems of Trust between school and parents through APP
  2. Update syallbus, course plan, student improvement to improve trust

Core Features

Manage Academic Years

Manage School

Manage Students

  1. MIS Reports, 20+ features

Manage Staffs

  1. Analytical graphical Reports, Role

Manage Class

  1. Assign Roll No, Subject teachers, Class teachers, Class monitors

School Settings

  1. Permission, Emergency Numbers, SMS, Email, 100+ Custom Settings


Fees management

Fees 50+ Settings

  1. Fees 50+ Settings, Fees receipt size, Fees type & Structure, installments, Bank account

Fees: Cheque Management

Fees: Transfer Dues

Fees: Follow up Management

Fees: Refund and It's Reports

Fees: Adjust Fees & It's Reports

Fees: Nullify Fees Management & It's report

Fees: Discount Management

Fees: Voucher Management

Fees: Bulk Fees Management

Online Fees management

Fees: Multiple Fees structure

Fees Reports

  1. Daily collection, Due summary, Student wise, Follow up Due Summary, Fees Forcasting and 40+ Reports
    Learn How?

Automations in Fees

  1. Automated fees dues reminder in phone APP, Send Notifications, Follow up Reminders
    Learn How?

Admission: Social enquiry page

Admission: Admission enquiry and it's reports

Admission: Exams, Send message

Admission: Online and Offline Registration

Admission: Registration Forms

Admission: Admission process

Admission: Manage online admission

Admission: 10+ Reports

  1. Registration reports, Daily collection, Summary, Monthly collection and 10+ Reports

Online Admission Leads

  1. Share enquiry page on Facebook to generate leads

Student Registration

  1. Analytical graphical Reports, Role


  1. In school, Online, Social media Leads Geneartion



  1. Many ways to assign homework
  2. Send notification to students
  3. Review work of student


  1. Many ways to assign classwork
  2. Send notification to students
  3. Review work of student

Lesson Plan

  1. Reuse lesson plan


  1. Create course planning as per syllabus

Course planning

  1. Plan Course, Admin Review, Approval, Communicate to parents

Time Table

  1. Create time table
  2. Today Allotment
  3. Create course planning as per syllabus
  4. Report: Class Timetable
  5. Report: Teacher Timetable
  6. Report: Allocation report
  7. Report: Vacant Teachers
  8. Phone APP: Teacher's timetable
  9. Phone APP: Student's timetable

Report cards

  1. Assign class subjects
  2. Today Allotment
  3. Exam roaster
  4. Exam remarks
  5. Exam attendance
  6. Exam dates
  7. Report card settings
  8. Freeze marks
  9. Enter marks
  10. 20+ exam academic reports
  11. 10+ academic student report

Academic Performance

  1. 20+ Reports



Practice Questions

Revision Questions

Student Improvement

Communication with parents

News and Notices

  1. Publish news


  1. Manage events
  2. Manage participants
  3. Manage event activities

Birthday wishes

  1. Send birthday wishes to students
  2. Send birthday wishes to teachers
  3. Set automations

Bulk Message

  1. Send bulk sms messages to students, teachers
  2. Send sms about holidays
  3. Send APP and web login details

Web Messages

  1. Save Money. Send unlimited web messages with APP notifications


  1. Chat with teachers, parents

School Calendar



Customer Support portal

  1. Help requests of Students in a professional way

Practice Questions


Student Certificates

  1. Student, Parent, Staff ID cards, Report cards
    Character certificate, Leaving certificates e.t.c
    Learn How?

Attendance of students

  1. Take Attendance, Summary, Register view, 10+ Reports

Staff Attendance

  1. Take Attendance, Integration with Biometric devices, 10+ Reports

Leave Management


HR management

School Teams / Committees

Permission to users

Enquiry management


Helpdesk parents Tickets

Audit Reports

Download Data

  1. Download your data anytime

Customer Support

Support for Admin & Teachers

  1. Phone Calls, Chat with us, Webinar, Articles, Video

Support for parents

  1. We respond parents on phone app Store, our website and chat
    Learn How?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We will provide you a dedicated support person
2. Phone Calls, Chat, Webinar, Video artciles
3.We will provide support to teachers and parents through our website, Helpdesk portal and on Android app store

1. We will import data of staff, class and students
2. We take multiple backups of data on multiple servers to avoid any future problems. you can download your data anytime.
3. Encrypted private data, Restricted servers, India Based server, HTTPS and Silent Secure Login

1. We will integrate online fees payment
2. We will integrate the parent's login, Online Fees payment, TC, Helpdesk link on your website
3. We will integrate Biometric machine for attendance with ERP. It has extra cost.
4. Send SMS: You can buy sms and send from our application
5. We already have GPS enabled phone app for school buses.

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