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Report Card Management

Generate report cards of students


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Report Card Management Software

Generate report cards of students for ICSE Board, CBSE Board, and State Board schools to save time and ensure full-fledged assessment

  1. Manage the subjects of different classes and grades in your school
  2. Collect important data related to marks and grades of school students in one place
  3. School administrators, owners, principals, and teachers assign subjects to the classes based on the affiliated board of school
  4. Create the exam schedule and timetable for school students
  5. Create a customized report card with an eye on details like watermark, report card color, font, border, and school’s official logo
  6. Easy generation of reports by school teachers after entering the marks of students in each subject
  7. Link the report cards with the student's attendance
  8. Generate a full-fledge report card for different classes and students


Benefits of Report Card Management

The best school report card generator software works as an efficient tool for creating automated report cards. Our CBSE Report Card Generator and ICSE Report Card Maker serve as important tools that facilitate efficient marking and assessment for school students

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best report card management systems for schools generate report cards for different classes that align with the mission and vision of the school and are designed as per the school’s brand. It automates the report card-related tasks of school principals, teachers, administrators, and owners

The Scientific Study Report Card Management System is the best report card generator for managing the assessment of your school's students. We link the attendance of class students with the report card management system to make the task of school teachers effortless

The Scientific Study Free Report Card Management System Software benefits schools by saving the time of school administrators, school principals, school teachers, and school owners. We ensure hassle-free sharing of students' report cards with the help of the Scientific StudyPhone App and web login

Report Card Management Software is a student report card generator system used in schools of the ICSE Board, CBSE Board, and other state boards. It keeps records of the total marks obtained, the subjects for different grades and classes, the students’ attendance, and the teachers’ remarks. The Report Card Management School ERP is software that makes the tasks of school administrators, principals, teachers, and owners more efficient

The team at Scientific Study has successfully developed the best School Management Software that focuses on improving the digital exposure of a school by modernising it as per the online curriculum’s requirements. It brings parents, students, and teachers to one platform where they can connect. Furthermore, it cuts the overall expenses for administrative tasks and admissions marketing for a school. Moreover, we give schools the advantage of getting listed among the top institutes in their cities by simply getting registered on our Directory Page. Apart from this, a school can hire for different positions from the Hiring Page without facing stress. In addition, schools get the opportunity to post different blogs and articles on the website, Qul Beans, regarding the curriculum, competitions, and school toppers to build a better audience for upcoming admissions.