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Scientific study online class management system for school and college

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What is Online Class Management Software, and what are its benefits?

A software created to make it easier to organize and manage online educational courses is referred to as the “Scientific Study Online Class Management System." It includes several features, like Zoom meetings, that allow for in-person interaction and collaboration between educators and students. Additionally, it makes it possible for screen-sharing features, which make interactive presentations and demonstrations possible. The program also supports online tests, giving teachers a way to evaluate students' comprehension from a distance. Additionally, by offering automated tracking systems, streamlining record-keeping, and ensuring accurate attendance records, it streamlines attendance. Online class management tools improve the effectiveness and efficiency of distance learning overall

Scientific study online class management software


Online teaching is a remarkable platform that offers a flexible system for both teachers and students. A school can teach skill courses, extra classes, practice, revision, and urgent classes without going to school

Set up Online classes

Prepare time-table of online classes and update students about class timings

setup online classes in school management software
Live Attendance in school management software

Live Attendance

Online class system will take attendance of students and teachers automatically at the time of joining classes

Take Class

  1. Organize academic content into subjects, chapters and topics for online classes
  2. Bring all academic content in front of students
  3. Share screen of your device
  4. Present your academic content

How to create content?
take class in school management software
class activity in school management software

Class Activity

  1. Share questions with students during online class
  2. Share questions as classwork activity
  3. Share question/quiz as homework
  4. Close class with thank you notes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students are more engaged during Zoom meetings thanks to the interactive features and functionalities of the Scientific Study Online Class ERP Software. It provides tools for real-time collaboration, like chat boxes and virtual hand-raising, which encourage students to actively participate and engage in discussion. The sessions can also be made more interactive and visually appealing by sharing multimedia content, such as presentations or videos. In general, online class management software encourages student engagement by creating a lively and engaging online learning environment

Yes, interactive discussions and group activities among students can be facilitated by the Scientific Study Online Class Management System. To encourage active participation and peer-to-peer learning, teachers can give students specific assignments or prompts. Additionally, the program might offer tools for group collaboration, like shared whiteboards or document editing features, letting students collaborate on assignments in real-time. In virtual learning environments, online class management software fosters student engagement, collaboration, and a sense of community by facilitating interactive discussions and group activities

A school can request an online demo from Scientific Study Online Class Management Software if they need one. A school can choose the "Online Demo" option from our website to take advantage of this offer. They will also be taken to a page where, depending on their needs, they can select "See It In Action," "Book Demo," "Request Callback," or "Start Using It For Free And Real Use."

All individuals from the various institutions that are linked to us are included among the users of the Scientific Study Online Management software. We offer a simple user interface for easy communication between various student, parent, teacher, and college administration groups. Overall, students and teachers can have a positive experience by showing active participation.

The team at Scientific Study has successfully developed the best School Management Software that focuses on improving the digital exposure of a school by modernising it as per the online curriculum’s requirements. It brings parents, students, and teachers to one platform where they can connect. Furthermore, it cuts the overall expenses for administrative tasks and admissions marketing for a school. Moreover, we give schools the advantage of getting listed among the top institutes in their cities by simply getting registered on our Directory Page. Apart from this, a school can hire for different positions from the Hiring Page without facing stress. In addition, schools get the opportunity to post different blogs and articles on the website, Qul Beans, regarding the curriculum, competitions, and school toppers to build a better audience for upcoming admissions.